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Blue Bio Product Review

8.9Review Score

It’s been 6 long weeks without our caravan whilst it was having some damp problems fixed, so on our first trip away post repairs we decided we would treat the Olympus to some new shiny toilet chemicals, complete with a review to boot!

Introducing… Blue Bio, our sample of choice for review.

According to Blue Bio themselves, the product is an ‘environmentally friendly toilet fluid that really works’. Suitable for use in cassette, waste and flush tanks, the website lists the following points about it’s product and how it works:

‘Blue Bio uses natural bacteria to break down waste without containing harsh chemicals found in many other toilet fluids. It has been made with a blue food grade dye to hide waste better than green or purple and as it’s washable it won’t permanently stain clothing or carpets. It’s non-hazardous and 100% biodegradable which reduces the impact on the environment and as its classed as sewage not chemical waste this brings chemical disposal costs down. As well as breaking down sewage, Blue Bio cleans the flush tank keeping it mould and lime scale free.’

So that’s what Bio Blue say about themselves, but is it all true and what did we think about the product?


Direct from the website , you can purchase 1 litre of Blue Bio including postage for £12.99. If you compare this to mainstream products such as Thetford Aqua, then you could suggest it is slightly on the expensive side, with the Aqua solution coming at at £14 for 2 X 1.5 litre bottles for the relative tanks. I don’t however feel this is entirely comparable as Blue Bio is an environmentally friendly, chemical free product, when you compare it to others like it, it’s then easily on the fair side of the pricing. In terms of affordability, if your looking specifically for an eco solution, which a lot of sites are starting to request then your onto a winner. If your not, then you could save by looking at other brands.

Ease of use

The Blue Bio solution comes in a very easy to use bottle with a built in squeeze to measure system which makes dosing easy to manage. It was easy to understand and use. One issue does seem to be that you can end up covered in the solution if you spill just a drop due to it’s consistency and deep colouring. The bottle should prevent spillage if your careful, but it may be an idea to wear gloves because whilst it washes off with ease, it’s possible to leave some blue fingerprints around the place on your way to the sink if your not careful. Other than this small point, the bottle makes it easier than normal to use the right amount. The dosage seems about right from our tests so far so all good on this point.


Blue Bio has a pleasant smell, similar to most washing detergents so unless your particularly opposed to that smell then it’s fine. It has a deep colour and thicker consistency to other products we have used which means that you get a really vivid stream of blue coming out of your flush. It doesn’t stain and unlike some of the clear chemicals we have used, you would always know if you had forgotten to add it.


For those of you out there that would purchase based on a strong brand, Blue Bio is setting itself up to be a strong competitor in the future. The branding is clear as is the aim of the product and the market it intends to capture. With many sites starting to request chemical free waste products. Blue Bio is a brand for the future and with feedback they receive in early days, will i’m sure go on to create a market leading product.


We have previously had bad experiences with using one multi-tasking waste chemical. It was in our early days of caravanning and partly as we didn’t realise you should add water into your cassette with the chemicals before use. Still, even after rectifying our mistake, we never found an all in one solution as effective as the individual purpose built so this is a much a test for us as the product. During testing of Blue Bio, we realised our view on all in one chemicals was perhaps misled following our bad experience. In terms of cost it’s more than fair when compared to similar brands, it’s easy to use, smells nice and I really like the deep colour it retains when mixed with water. Overall, we have found Blue Bio more than comparable to stronger, chemical brands previously used. We would definitely continue to use the product. The next test will come in the summer when your toilet can develop some nasty smells but until then we’ve been converted to Blue Bio users.

If you want to know more about Blue Bio or to purchase the product you can access the site here

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